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 3D Rendering Service

All architectural working solution here

It may sound obvious, but there are a lot of those who don’t know



Manufactures use 3D rendering before manufacturing a product as a way of publicity. They will advertise the delicate renderings to social media and take pre-orders.




Designers use 3D Renderings to demonstrate how he/she envisioned the space is going to be, and it saved a lot of time and labor work by decorating the space.



Architects use 3D renderings to help key decision-makers understand and examine the projects in photorealistic details.



Developers use 3D Renders to demonstrate the yet-to-be-built properties’ future in order to achieve the sales goals.

Bring your ideas and see how they become real

Holee Visualization is rendered 3D rendering, Special effects, Color grading, and Characters are added to the image for a highly realistic look. They are perfect additions for the press, marketing or PR material. Our primary goal with every real estate portrait we create is first to bring out the ultimate beauty each unique space has to offer and secondly to effectively reflect your brand identity by delivering a look and feel your target clientele is most likely to be attracted to. We use a set of high tech special effects to achieve superb quality rendering.


Having a complete, professional presentation of the exterior your project will give you an advantage over other architects, designers, and builders. You can present elaborate details to your clients by showing them a rendering of your design.


For any category of project (residential, office, retail or hotel) we offer full spectrum virtual interior design plans. Depending on your needs, we can use any model of furniture, textures and surface materials of your choice, or we can build an entire space creatively using our own stock elements.

How we work

We believe the way we work is more important than what we actually do. We don’t take your drawings, create great looking images (or animations), send you the invoice and consider ourselves done. We have a different take on how it should be, because it doesn’t matter how great the images look if they don’t achieve what you want them to.


Unless we know all about your project it’s difficult to create an image that will do more than just look great. So right at the start we ask lots of questions to understand what is most important about the project and the audience for the images. This way we can be clear about what you want to achieve and what we need to deliver.



You don’t need to know how we create our images and animations; what you do need to know is that we like to work with you. We think of our images as a collaboration, so we’ll give you plenty of opportunity to review and comment on our progress throughout. We’ll also speak up if we think there’s a better way of doing things.



After we send you the images or animation, we don’t think of this as the end. We see it as part of our role to help you make the most of them and can  give you plenty of ideas and help in repurposing them for brochures, websites, apps, and widescreen TV. We’ll make sure your initial investment in great imagery really does pay off.


Let us know if you've got an interesting project and want to work together!

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