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3D INTERIOR VISUALIZATION: 6 essential questions you must ask your Visualizer

Updated: May 23, 2020

Bring Your Architectural Designs To Life In Amazing 3D with these 6 essential questions

A crucial part of being a successful designer is being able to bring your projects to life, taking them off-plan, giving them depth, detail, and texture; putting them into a real-world setting.

So that you, your client and key stakeholders fully appreciate the intent of your design.

Renderings, walk-through animation, and more so virtual reality applications are the best way to achieve this. They give you the option to have real-life details added, allowing clients to explore different angles and experiment with alternative materials and lighting.

To achieve this, you need reliable and trusted visualization services; safe in the knowledge that they will deliver consistent quality to strict deadlines and care about your work as much as you do.

This is why you need a hassle-free, express CGI service that can help.

Holee Visualization is a dedicated architectural visualization company, providing comprehensive CGI rendering and animation services.

READ ON to discover the 6 essential questions you must ask your Visualizer in order to have your designs and concepts brought to life, just the way you want.

#1. Can you meet my deadline?

If you need your design visualized by a certain date, it goes without saying you have to feel confident that the rendering service you eventually choose will deliver your CGIs on time. The most important element to this is to help your visualizer understand all that is required from the outset.

💡 TIP: A key point to ask yourself is, “to what physical size do my visualizations need to be printed?”. It’s a small but very important detail that if not clearly understood from the beginning, can have a big impact at the end.

Holee Visualization has the capacity to take on any size of the project, being fully committed to bringing your vision to life, managed through a dedicated, project manager who works closely with you at every stage of the process; so that the finished products meet your needs and are delivered in time for your important meeting, presentation or print deadline.

#2. Can you guarantee end-quality and consistency?

You need to be sure the rendered images being produced are of the end-quality you need. If they’re not, this may give a bad impression of your expertise.

Experience suggests that the majority of projects require between three and five renderings to effectively illustrate how your designs will look when built in the real world. For your designs to have the desired impact, you need facades, materials and textures etc. to look the same across the entire portfolio - no matter what time of day or lighting effects are applied.

TIP: Ask your visualizer for similar examples in scope or function that they have produced.

Holee Visualization take the quality of their work very seriously and work tirelessly through coordinated production to ensure that all of your images show a consistent end-quality, using the best artists and software available. They have an extensive portfolio to view, perhaps even get some design inspiration from.

#3. What is the production process?

To ensure you are perfectly satisfied in your professional collaboration, ask your visualizer to clearly lay-out their workflow, so you can be confident in the production schedule your are both working towards.

TIP: Submitting your design package early in CGI negotiations will help your visualizer produce an accurate fee proposal and timetable for the required scope.

Holee Visualization like to organize a kick-off meeting [ via Skype or GoToMeeting etc.] to ensure they’re starting out on the right path before agreeing a fee and schedule. An important aspect to their service is their ability to provide free storyboard assistance for animations.

#4. How do I check everything before the final sign off?

There’s no use getting your plans professionally rendered if you only get to see the finished product on deadline day. It’s also essential to ensure your visualizer keeps the lines of communication open, so you’re always kept up-to-date, receiving in- progress drafts in a timely manner to share with your client.

TIP: If you want to show your clients in-progress drafts, but don’t wish to divulge your visualizer's identity, ask if they are prepared to “white label” their drafts for you.

Holee Visualization produces as many in-progress drafts as you need at the modeling, rendering, and post-production stages; so you know exactly what the finished product will look like before you agree to sign-off and receive your final visualizations. They also white label their products if requested.

#5. Do you understand the importance of the final product?

For your project to run as smoothly as possible, you should be allowed to approve your visualizations at every stage of production, not just the end results - so you can be sure that what you end up with is exactly what you want to see.

TIP: There are three project elements that will be useful for your visualizer to understand;

1. What the key objective is for having your visualizations produced?

2. Who the intended audience will be and how will the visuals be presented e.g. boards, TV? 3. What feeling you want your intended audience to be left with having seen your


Holee Visualization works day and night to achieve your satisfaction at every stage of the production process and, in particular, the finished product. Their experienced project managers and rendering teams help you every step of the way to assist in visualizing your design, bringing your plans and concepts to life.

#6. What else can you help me with?

Whilst the creation of all types of image rendering accounts for the vast majority of our workload, it’s far from the only thing a visualizer should be able to do for you.

TIP: If your budget is tight, and you need an animation, why not ask your visualizer for a multi-media presentation? It can include 3D CGI animation, 2D renderings with pan/zoom/focus and lifestyle video footage, created to help sell your design more cost-effectively.

Holee Visualization offers free advice on the best products for a client’s budget and have the ability to create 360-degree panoramic renderings and virtual reality applications that enable the viewer to rotate, interrogate and view your complete design from many vantage points.

Thank you for reading and we hope you find it useful.

If you would like any more information about how Holee Visualization can help you or more detail about our services

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